In Tewa P’ôe signifies a pathway and it is with this spirit where the strength of traditional communities travels between the past and present, and continues expanding opportunities and resources within New Mexico’s tribal communities.

The P’ôe program, developed in consultation with neighboring school districts, as well as Northern’s American Indian Center, the Eight Northern Pueblos, the Santa Fe Indian School and New Mexico public schools, will recruit, educate and place highly qualified American Indian educators in public schools with high American Indian student populations throughout the state of New Mexico.

Currently, New Mexico Public Schools employ only 2.7 percent American Indian Teachers but have a 12 percent American Indian Student Enrollment. The main goal of the P’ôe program is to address the need for trained educators who are equipped to successfully support American Indian students’ success. The educator training model developed as part of the project will eventually be available to all twenty-two American Indian tribes and pueblos throughout New Mexico.